Makeup and photography to build a better brand

Time to step up your image.

Replace your vacation and party snapshot profile photos with a professional photograph. I’ve teamed up with photographer Heather Edstrom to offer photography sessions at north Alabama area companies. Professional makeup, lighting, composition and light touch up work create great business profile photos for the employees to use for their business and professional use.

Makeup for Aegis employees

Makeup for Aegis Profile
Makeup for Aegis employee

Your brand

Your profile photo is an important part of your online image. Not only is it the first thing people see when they look you up on the web, this image now pops up into people’s in-boxes and onto their phones. For many, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are becoming their business cards and a well crafted identity shot to use across all social media and digital networks makes sense. In a visual world, the first thing people see is your photo – it is the first impression of your personal brand.

Makeup and photography package

Working together we offer a fantastic value to area companies and their employees. Pass along this offer to your company’s decision maker. Let them know it is time have their employees help the present the company’s best image.

Contact me at (256) 970-9234 today to learn more about this program – we can work with you to devise a makeup and photography package.