Why Hire a Makeup Artist?

A Trained Eye

Makeup artists are an important part of creating the look for a special occasion. Whether you’re searching for a soft glow for a beautiful bride, elegance for a special occasion, or need to transform a model during a photo shoot, I can provide the picture perfect look.

My trained eye sees the unique beauty and potential in each face and adjusts for the different factors effecting your appearance. Hiring a professional makeup artist doesn’t mean you won’t look like you, it means you’ll look like a more polished perfect you!

Camera Ready

Makeup artists are trained in the science of color and makeup application. Applying makeup that will be photographed is MUCH different than applying makeup for day-to-day wear. I not only consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color, but also the colors of your outfits along with the location and the types of light sources present when your photos are taken.

Photographs reduce your appearance to a two dimensional view and it takes training to shade, contour and highlight a face subtly and correctly.

Professional Attention

Makeup artists provide an expert opinion on a day often filled with emotions and demands. You may be a bit too nervous to apply your makeup properly within a tight schedule. I will take more time and be more purposeful in applying makeup than you would at home. If needed, I can come to your location to ensure you are ready with time to spare.

Your makeup bag is very unlike my kit. As as professional makeup artist, I know what products to use, where to use them and in what intensity to ensure you look good in person as well as in pictures.

I’m a professional makeup artist – selling cosmetics is not my priority – you are!

Your perfect look is my focus – not selling products. I don’t sell cosmetics and I use a wide range of products from different lines to achieve your flawless look. Call (256) 970-9234 or email me today to tell me about your upcoming occasion – I’ll make sure you look picture perfect.