The Best Sci-Fi Stories & Topics to Read By Nancy Finnegan

Welcome to the best science fiction blog. Science Fiction has always been something that is loved and adored by millions, and more than that, a few hundred in those millions fail to understand it. Science Fiction is pure imagination, with bits of science administered to it, and this special effect adds something special to the imagination firsthand. Adding bouts of science stuff adds a tinge of belief into the whole thing, making it not only seem more real, but more real in a fun but protective way. Sci-Fi stories have always been something quite intriguing in every way, and people have flocked to it because of that.

My Mission

I was a little girl when I fell in love with sci-fi stories and movies. It is not very common to see little girls falling in love with this particular genre, but the whole thing seemed a lot stereotypical to me. I have loved sci-fi short stories with bated breath, and my love for sci-fi grew with my love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first time I saw Iron Man killing the people of the ten rings with a suit that is pretty impossible to be made inside a primitive cave, my little heart fell in love with the whole deal.

I started to explore the world of sci-fi, starting from sci-fi stories, movies, novels and even saw innovative videos on it. I spent a year of my life playing various sci-fi video games and slots. Yes, you read that right, I managed to dig up these unlikely titles by pure luck. If you also find sci-fi slots entertaining as I do, I have the perfect site you can visit. On the casino site, you can find the most popular slots you can play in your free time; what’s more, you can end up winning real cash too. My urge to become a writer fuelled this desire and I started to write about sci-fi stories as well. I have written several sci-fi short stories, and by the very hour, my love for the genre increases, with an unfulfilling hunger or need to know more and more about it.

My All-Time Favourite Sci-Fi Books

I have written, read and researched on a number of sci-fi books. Here is a list of the best sci-fi books that I have come to love immensely over the years and the ones that possess the best stories ever:

  1. Frankenstein (yeah, who can miss out on this baby)

  2. The Time Machine (Even after the million adaptations, this is my favorite version of it)

  3. The Handmaid’s Tale (where Dystopia meets politics and feminism)

  4. A Wrinkle In Time (another time themed one, count me in)

  5. The Host (better than the Twilight series by the same author)

Best Sci-Fi Story Movies of All-Time

Sci-fi stories are always being adapted into new-age cinema. Amongst the very best Sci-fi stories, that have been adapted into movies, here is the list of the ones I have loved the most over the years:

  1. The Hunger Games Trilogy

  2. The Day After Tomorrow

  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  4. The Matrix

  5. Back to the Future

  6. Passengers

  7. All MCU movies but especially Avengers Endgame

My Personal Top 10 Sci-Fi Games

There are a number of Sci-fi games that have been inspired by the best Sci-fi stories and ideas. These are the classic sci-fi games which happen to be my favorite:

Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

  1. Deus-ex: Human Revolution
  2. X-Com: Enemy Unknown
  3. Eve Online
  4. Space Invaders
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My Hobby

As I am a girl, makeup is something that I love to do and do best in my free time. Makeup brings out my inner creativity in an extremely creative and beautiful way. But normal makeup is for normal kids, I love sci-fi makeups, with the help of which I can look like an alien or anything weird from the science fiction world. I want to be someone like Nancy Finnegan, who is a special occasion makeup artist or an event makeup artist, and she is someone I look up to. Her collection of creative sci-fi made up faces is simply marvelous, and she is someone who never really runs out of newer ideas. With all the creativity I possess, I wish to become a promising and stunning makeup artist as she is, and if luck favors me, even the best one in time.