Wedding Makeup

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection

My singular focus is on making sure the bride and her party look perfect in person and on camera – I won’t settle for anything less. Your wedding will be documented, remembered and reflected on for years. You’ve chosen the perfect husband, dress, flowers, decorations, cake, food, flowers, location and even the date, so why settle for a less than a perfect face? I am often surprised by how many brides decide to be austere with their makeup and hair, when that along with the dress is the focus of both the photographer and the wedding guests.

Professional bridal makeup enhances bridal beauty

Makeup and hair are minor wedding budget expenses, while YOU, the bride will be the major focus of your wedding!  You’ll be in most of the pictures – you should look the picture of perfection. I can enhance your beauty to ensure wedding day perfection!

The “natural” looks shown in bridal and fashion magazines are often more labor-intensive than a glamour look. Timing is crucial and there are countless demands before, during and after the wedding. My singular focus is on making sure the bride and her party look flawless in person and on camera.

Call (256) 970-9234 or send me an email to let me know about your upcoming wedding – we’ll work together to provide the perfect look for your special day.